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Preventative Roof Maintenance

Out of sight, out of mind is a dangerous mindset toward asset management. With Preventative Roof Maintenance, the intention is to fix small problems now to avoid big ones in the future.

Roof Maintenance plays an essential role in determining the overall life cycle and cost of a roof. A complete maintenance schedule will prolong the life and decrease overall cost of a roof.

Maintenance Repairs can be as minor as re-applying caulk; or as comprehensive as replacing base-flashings on an entire roof. The concept is to present a proactive approach in which we fix small repair items before they deteriorate enough to allow moisture into the building.

Rebuilding and reconditioning seams, flashings, and walls of single-ply roofing systems throughout the life of the roof is paramount. This is why: Per industry standards, low-slope roof systems have an approximate life span of between 18 and 20 years. Meanwhile, published industry documents reveal that EPDM rubber (the field membrane itself) can have up to 50 years of stability. Since 80-85% of the roof is actually the field membrane or sheet material; then if follows that 80-85% of the roof system could actually have a potential life expectancy of up to 50 years! (According to studies cited by the EPDM Roofing Association (ERA))

What about the other 15-20% of the roof system? The focus of maintenance and repairs is on the field seams, the flashing seams and wall seams. If these details are not maintained properly; you could find yourself condemning a roof system where only 15% of the components have failed! By keeping these components in serviceable condition; moisture will be prevented from getting under the membrane, and deteriorating the integrity of the entire roof system. This, in the end, could extend the life of your roof system from the estimated 18-20 years to between 28-30 years. So, for the incremental price of roof maintenance and repair services, your asset may end up lasting an extra 10 years.

Typical Maintenance Agreement At regularly scheduled intervals, the roof will be inspected and repaired.Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspection schedules are available.
Each scheduled visit includes a TSR-trained professional roofer who will inspect the roof and perform minor repairs that can be completed during the scheduled inspection visit. Also included is all materials (compatible to existing roof) necessary to complete the maintenance inspection and repairs as well as all equipment and tools necessary to complete the inspection and repairs.
Maintenance Report Provided: Inspection Report including a marked roof map with the areas where the roof was repaired and photos showing before and after repairs.
Additional Benefits:
Leak Call response within 24 hours.

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Portal Before

03 Portal Before

Portal Repaired

03R Portal Repaired

Field Membrane Before

05 Field Membrane Before

Field Membrane Repaired

05R Field Membrane Repaired

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