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Roofing Services

Out of sight, out of mind is a dangerous mindset toward asset management. With Preventative Roof Maintenance, the intention is to fix small problems now to avoid big ones in the future. Roof Maintenance plays an essential role in determining the overall life cycle and…
Accomplishing major repairs in lieu of a roof replacement is sometimes necessary due to budgetary constraints. Consider a Complete Roof Recondition: Extend the life of your roof for considerably less money than a re-roof. We have had a great deal of success with reconditioning EPDM…
Our technicians are masters in all flat roof and shingle system applications, including EPDM Rubber, Modified Bitumen, Built-up Roof and Thermal Plastic (TPO), Architectural Sheet Metal and Shingles. TSR adheres to industry and manufacturer's guidelines for all new roofs, and re-roof installations. TSR is licensed…
TSR provides quality new construction roofing. We provide building owners, property managers and architects with commercial roofing expertise and superior customer service. TSR prepares customized solutions that work closely with respective architects to determine the structure's long-term commercial roofing needs. Well thought-out and thoroughly prepared…

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